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Rising of adversity:Bonny won orders of 6 units Material Handler from oversea market
At the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 has spread all over the world and the global economy fell to the bottom since the Second World War. Due to the sharp decline in overseas demand, the supply chain is facing a break, and the foreign trade situation of Bonny is severe. In the market crisis due to COVID-19, Bonny foreign trade team is fighting hard and...


Bonny attend the national scrap steel conference in 2019
The 2019 national scrap steel conference and the 8th meeting of the 6th session ofChinascrap steel application association was held in Fuzhou on November 28. 2019. Bonny took part in with its material handlers and scrap-vehicles dismantlers.


Bonny responds to One Belt And One Road's call to build a bridge of friendship overseas
With driving from “one belt and one road”, Bonny constantly expand the overseas market, since the products enter the international market, Bonny has been slowly but surely, constantly strive to expand the market, the current Bonny’s series products have been sold to more than 40 countries and regions throughout the world. Its brand awareness and reputation a...


Bonny purchased new two “robotic” workstations
In recent years, Bonny constantly improve the products and get rid of stale technology, in accordance with the special requirements to develop the quality of products and improve the production ability, Bonny bought new robotic flame cutting system and robotic automatic welding workstation and completed installation and debugging work, later will be used in ...


Bonny attended 2018 Moscow CTT construction machinery exhibition
Bonny attended the 2018 Russian International Construction and Engineering Machinery Exhibition which sponsored by Munich GLOBE exhibition group in Moscow. Russia has always been one of the important foreign trade markets for Bonny, since 2005, Bonny is constantly exporting to Russia with electric-powered mining excavators and material handlers that acc...


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