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2018, 8-series excavators, material handlers and scraped-vehicle dismantlers were

 researched and developed successfully, and then delivered into the market for operation.


In 2015, Bonny integrally moved to new factory site located in state-level high-tech zone.


in 2013, Bonny researched and produced China’s first scraped-vehicle dismantler 

CJ300-7 and then put into use in market.


2006-2012: 7-series excavators and material handlers were developed successfully, 

among them, 220-ton electric-powered mining excavator CED2200-7 (12 m³) was deve-

loped and came into use in 2012.


 November 2003: Completion of privatization process, change the company name to

 “Sichuan Bonny Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.”


 In 1998, Bonny successfully researched and produced the first 40 tons crawler hyd.

material handler which led a revolution in handling industry in China.


 In 1990: Bonny has manufactured the first hydraulic electric excavator WDY452 (45t)

 in China.


In 1985, introduction of LIEBHERR R962, R972 and R982 techniqueKnow How +

 Know Why) ( Validity is 8 years).


 In 1979: Starting with the developing and manufacturing of the first hydraulic excavator

 (40t) in China, then winning the bid of Yanshi Railway Intl. Competitive Tendering.


 Established on 1965, formerly company name is Changjiang Excavator Works. 

1965~1981: Main products: mechanical excavator and crawler crane.


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