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3 units Bonny electric material handler WZYD48-8 are delivered to Central Asia

2022-03-30 15:49

With the arrival of spring, everything is reviving , the production workshop of BONNY is start to be busy.  We are a professional manufacturer of 40-220 tons hydraulic excavator, 18-240 tons hydraulic material handler and 10-50 tons scrap -vehicle dismantler.

material handler.jpg

There are three material handler going to be transferred to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan with a sense of excitement on March 17, 2022. The model number of all three products is WZYD48-8, according to their name you can get some basic informations: WZY means material handling machine, D means electric engine, 48 means 48 tons, 8 means eighth-generation product. By the way, as the company with the largest market share of material handler in China, we have upgraded to the eighth generation, and are going to research and develop the ninth generation. Higher efficiency and lower emission deserve more attention and love from customers.With the sharp rapid of oil price and the volatile international situation, more and more customers are interested in electric machinery because there is no need to worry about fuel price.Electric-powered equipment has unique advantages at zero emission, lower noise and lower operation as well as maintaining cost,and meet more severe evaluating requirements for environment.

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As for long-distance transportation, it could be a consideration for many customers. In general,as you can see the pictures, a large tonnage machine requires two extra-long trucks to transport.Each part is padded with anti-vibration wooden strips underneath and fixed to the truck with ropes.

material handling machine.jpg

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Bonny Heavy Machinery's hydraulic excavator, hydraulic material handler, hydraulic vehicle dismantler and other series of products appear at customer site increasingly , we are competing for the "double carbon" new track fiercely, implement the double carbon strategy, give the priority to ecological unswervingly , and promote the construction of green mines and waste-free cities fully. To help China's construction machinery high-quality development!


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