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The application of water-based paints on excavator, material handling equipment and dismantler

2022-02-21 15:57

 Sichuan Bonny Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd, thanks to high quality management team and more than 50 years of work experience, has produced series of hydraulic excavators, series of hydraulic material handling machines, series of hydraulic vehicle dismantlers and other products. Bonny not only attaches importance to the practicality of the products to customers, but also pays more attention to the safety and health when using the products, actively responds to the national green call and does its social responsibility.

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 Environment-friendly economy is spreading all over the world, we are dedicated to speed up the green painting reform with a high sense of social responsibility and consider the long-term interests of the enterprise, help to promote the process of "oil to water" in China's painting,finally win the battle of blue sky.


 Traditional oil paints will lead to occupational health hazard,because it contains harmful carcinogens such as benzene and xylene,emits a strong,irritating odor. Water-based paints use water as a thinner, non-toxic and non-stimulating odor, harmless to human body, low VOC level,also not polluting the environment .

 It’s not as simple as we think for oil change to water. There is a big difference between oil-based and water-based paints because of their different operation methods. In order to overcome this difficulty, our workers often discussed the operation method with relevant personnel, and took the initiative to call and communicated directly with the technician of water-based paints manufacturer. After many trials, we finally found the technique of water-based paints, so that water-based paints had been fully promoted in 2021.

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 The application of water-based paints on excavator, material handling equipment and vehicle dismantler is undoubtedly an innovation in the field of painting of Bonny Heavy Machinery, and a powerful boost for the combination of traditional manufacturing with green economy.

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