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Bonny machines arrived at shanghai wharf to assist the policy of “carbon neutrality&am

2021-12-17 09:24

Bonny is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic excavators, material handlers and scrap-vehicle dismantlers, founded in 1965 and formerly known as Changjiang Excavator Works, received widely good reputation by our customers from domestic and international. As a former state-owned enterprise, Bonny is always response to national policy, follow the trend of the times. In 2020, the Chinese government proposed that carbon dioxide emissions reach the peak by 2030, achieve “carbon neutrality” by 2060 at the 75th session of the UN General Assembly. With the guidance of “carbon neutrality” and “emission peak”, Bonny Heavy Machinery actively carries out the concept of sustainable development, promotes the high-quality development with green, low-carbon and environmental protection.

material handling equipment.jpg

As one of first-tier cities in China, Shanghai city attaches great importance to environmental protection. Our electric-powered and dual-powered products are perfectly suited to this desire. Recently, two units Bonny material handling equipment arrived at a wharf in Shanghai. The two material handlers are 52-ton electric type and 56-ton dual power type, on one hand reduce fuel costs and cater to the policy of “carbon neutrality” and “emission peak” very much, on the other hand dual power type can switch to use diesel fuel if the cable is out of range conveniently. After a deeper discussion between the two sides,we knew the demand of clients is to unload sand and gravel and suggested to choose clamshell bucket. As you can see by the photos, this grabbers are suitable for bulk material, such as sand、coal、grain,etc.

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Of course, we have more types you can choose in order to adapt to your specific scenario. For example, weight of the machine、length of the arm、height of the driver's cab、crawler or wheeled、and so on. We customize exclusive machine and equipment according to the different needs of our customers in order to help you improve your productivity and gain maximum profitability.


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