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Two units Bonny material handler are going to be delivered

2021-09-27 14:16

Sichuan Bonny Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of construction machinery. We have been establishing for more than 50 years, during this long history, Bonny has been producing hydraulic excavatorshydraulic material handlershydraulic dismantlers and other products successively. Our products have been gaining good reputation because of the following reasons:

First, in the field of power solutions,these products can be equipped with suitable high efficiency power(diesel engine, electric motor, or dual power)in order to ensure that  tasks are completed on time. Second, can be adapted to meet customer-specific requirements with modular undercarriage solutions (wheel, crawler, stationary)for a wide variety of applications. Moreover, long-lasting hydraulic components make after-sales maintenance relatively easy. Last, electric motor not only benefit to environment but also reduce costs if you choose it.

material handler.jpg

The sun is still blazing at the end of September in the Southwest of China, but the enthusiasm of Bonny’s workers is not diminished at all. Two units Bonny material handler WZY43-8c will leave our factory and be delivered to a steel mill in ASEAN  before the Chinese National Day .

Our material handlers always have a high market share in China, and are also popular with oversea clients. The reason why people like this material handler because we meet  clients needs, which includes personalized design , greater handling capacity and low fuel consumption. By the way, for different material to grab, you can replace attachments, such as orange-peel grab, magnet plate, clamshell and scrap shears. Cab elevation provides the operator with an excellent view of their working area, so they can handle material efficiently.

From the start of the COVID epidemic, international trades have been become difficult, the serious problem for Bonny foreign trade staffs is that it is very inconvenient to go abroad on business or attend global exhibitions.We had to adjust our marketing strategy and ended up with good results luckily.

material handling machine.jpg

material handing machine.jpg


If you want to know more about Bonny's hydraulic mining excavators, material handlers, dismantlers and other personalized products, please email, call or leave a message in the box below.

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