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Rising of adversity:Bonny won orders of 6 units Material Handler from oversea market

2020-06-01 00:00

At the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 has spread all over the world and the global economy fell to the bottom since the Second World War. Due to the sharp decline in overseas demand, the supply chain is facing a break, and the foreign trade situation of Bonny is severe.


In the market crisis due to COVID-19, Bonny foreign trade team is fighting hard and moving forward. They adjusted their marketing strategies promptly, keenly seized business opportunities, and timely grasped the demand information of a steel mill in Southeast Asia for steel scrap handling. Bonny foreign trade team actively responded with "specialized" and "individualized" Bonny machines, and competed against manufacturers of the internatipnal material handler industry. After more than two months of exchanges and negotiations, Bonny was awarded the recognition of the client and the design institute for its professional &effective solution, and optimal performance-price ratio, and finally won the orders of 6 units material handler for scrap yard and scrap feeding process.


Based on client’s wishes for fastest possible shipment, Bonny production system was fully operated. Two units of WZY43-8C have been manufacrured in only 20 days, it has set a record for the fastest delivery in an epidemic situation.


At present, three machines have been already shipped, and the another three units will be soon completed on production and shipment. Bonny is always doing every effort for client's success.


The COVID-19 epidemic brought a huge impact on foreign trade activities. As a pioneer and leader in China's material handler industry, Bonny is striving to make a contribution to the global economic recovery.



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