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40 Ton Wheel Hydraulic Material Handler

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 Bonny mobile hydraulic material handler is configured with Tier III emission diesel engine to meet local regulations and oil requirements, as well as hydraulic components from world-renowned brands.


 Bonny mobile hydraulic material handler has the unique advantage of fast travel speed which can realize the operation needs of rapid transfer, and at the same time it has better operating stability, larger operating range, greater load capacity and higher productivity.


 Applicable for loading, unloading, stacking, transferring and packing in scrap steel yards, wharf yards, railway yards, garbage disposal plant, as well as light material industry.


 The following systems are standard configuration in wheel hydraulic material handler:

● Hydraulic lifting cab,

● Wheel steering,

● Automatic air conditioning system,

● 10’ multi-function touch display,

● Grab with 360° rotation,

● Boom cylinder damping device,

● Fan drive reversing function,

● Windscreen cleaning system,

● Dry powder fire extinguisher,

● Operating alarm with flashing amber beacon,

● Reverse horn,

● LED lights.


 The following optional systems can be selected individually or in combination as required:

○ Joystick steering,

○ Air suspension seat,

○ 13/16 kW hydraulic electromagnetic generator with control system (mainly depends on the magnetic plate),

○ Automatic central lubrication system,

○ Hose rupture valves for boom cylinder,

○ Hose rupture valves for stick cylinder,

○ Filter system for attachments,

○ Four view camera system,

○ Low temperature treatment (winter package) and cab heater in cold areas,

○ Separate cooling system for engine and hydraulic oil cooler in high temperature areas,

○ Float position of the equipment,

○ Overload warning device and dangerous area limitation,

○ Automatic fire monitoring and extinguishing system,

○ Remote monitoring system,

○ Automatic weighing system,

○ Spray system,

○ Electric refuelling pump,

○ Safety railing with height of 1100mm on uppercarriage,

○ Trailer hook, etc.


 According to the operation needs to choose a variety of attachments:

● Orange peel grab,

● Clamshell grab,

● Timber grab,

● Sorting grab,

● Magnetic plate,

● Hydraulic shears,

● Load hook, etc.


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