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50t-Class Stationary Electric Material Handler

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● Stationary electric material handler is customized product, design and manufacturing will be made based on your site operation condition, such as working attachment type, grabbing range, grab capacity and steel support height, and so on.


 Stationary electric material handler has the unique advantages of zero emission, low noise, low operation& maintenance cost.


 It is equipped with the world famous brand hydraulic components.


 It has wide operating range, powerful grabbing force and high working efficiency.


 Widely used in scrap steel yards, wharf yards, light material industry and etc. for loading, unloading, stacking, transferring and packing.


 The following advanced systems can be selected individually or in combination as required: Monitoring system with displayer, electronic weighing system, radiation detection system, automatic central lubricating system, rubber track, tools applicable (Multi-tine Grab, Clamshell grab, Timber grab, Hydraulic shears, Hydraulic pliers etc.).


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0086 830 3580778

0086 189 8276 0432

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