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48 Ton Hydraulic Excavator Powered by Electro-Motor

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Main components, such as pump, valve, are manufactured by international top brand enterprises


H-type undercarriage with disassembled featured as simple structure and high torsion-resistance. More stable and reliable.


H-type undercarriage with disassembled technology is accordance with all standards for road, railway and sea transportation.


Undercarriage including all support roller and carrier roller are featured as maintenance-free which reduced maintenance workload and cost significantly.


Excavator driven by electro-motor can replace diesel excavator at mining site with power supply. And operation cost reduced by nearly half compared with diesel excavator in same size class due to maintenance free.


Good performance under adverse circumstance such as lower temperature and hi-altitude area, no issue of start-up and power shortage.


Clean energy with zero displacement, lower noise and environment friendly.


To provide customers with first-class engineering machinery products and services, to
provide complete sets of solutions for construction equipment

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